About Us

FANview Sports is a team centric alternative to fantasy sports. Bradley Heimowitz, the founder and a lifelong sports fanatic, created FANview out of his lack of enthusiasm for traditional fantasy sports. While he enjoyed the engagement of fantasy sports, his team loyalty always interfered with putting the best fantasy team together. He realized that the best fantasy players are dispassionate and without loyalties, qualities that are totally opposed to his intense passion as a fan. In fact, most of his friends feel the same way and many also follow one team and are poor fantasy players because they have superficial knowledge about the rest of the league.

FANview is for the passionate fan of the actual team they root for! As a FANview player you test your knowledge about your team and compete in a Global League which you are automatically enrolled in. Fans also form Private Leagues to compete with their friends. Each week, the FANview player makes picks in 10 categories to predict team and individual performance of the players of the actual team you root for. FANview players are ranked in the Global and Private Leagues based on the accuracy of their predictions each week and throughout the course of the season.

It does not matter if your team wins or loses the game, it matters how well you know your team and how well you predict their performance!

FANview Sports is based in Los Angeles, CA. Currently, NFL football is the only FANview Sport, as that accounts for the largest market in the United States. The FANview concept translates well to other sports and leagues and we are looking forward to offering more games/services in the future.