How to Play


FANview is a fun and competitive game of skill that allows a fan to prove how well they know the actual NFL team that they follow and root for. FANview players predict performance in upcoming games by picking the players who will lead and the most likely ranges of key aspects of their team’s performance. The more accurate your predictions, the more FANview points you accumulate. With FANview, what matters is how well you know your team, not how good your team is. So, even a fan of a team without a great record can stay engaged throughout the entire season, by playing FANview and winning!


The objective of playing FANview is quite simple. Choose the team you love and root for, and each week, pick the players who you believe will lead and your expected ranges for key team performance using the 10 FANview categories. Your team could have the worst record in the NFL and they may lose the next game, but you can still win your FANview league game because you picked more right outcomes than other FANview players in your league. FANview players accumulate points by making the most accurate individual player and team performance predictions of how the team will actually perform each week.

Pick Your Team

All you need to start playing FANview Sports is to pick the team you will follow and root for. You can keep the same team for the whole season or change the team you make FANview picks for on a week-to-week basis. In a private league, more than one person can root for the same team. For example, a New England Patriots fan can play another Patriots fan head-to-head in the same week.

Pick Your League - Global and Private

By signing up to playing FANview, you have automatically joined the FANview global league, competing against all other FANview players. Private Leagues are ones you create and invite others to join or leagues created by others that you are invited to join. Your weekly picks will be used to play in both the global league and in private leagues with your friends. The Global League is an accrual of all of your points throughout the whole season and you will be able to see how you are doing in many different sub-groups and demographics (standings among all FANview players who are “BENGALS” fans, within your state, gender, age range). The Private Leagues can run as short as a single week or as long as the full season. A full season private league needs a minimum of 2 players and your scores will continue to add up all season. You have the option to create a private league even in the middle of the season and they can last as long as you want.

Weekly Picks

Every week the user is making picks based off their team’s current roster and the match-ups you expect from this week’s competition. There are 10 categories of picks for each FANview player to make each week. FANview’s API provides live rosters and up to the minute statistics. Before making your weekly picks you will be assisted by weekly and season long statistics in each category to help you make your picks. You can update your picks at anytime right up until kickoff then your picks will be locked.

Weekly Outcomes

FANview players weekly scores will be continuously updated all season long for Global League participation. FANview players playing in Private Leagues will see who the top scores in each league every week. The total Private League scores will continue to update for the full length of the during of the league.